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REG. NO. 10945474
VAT NO. EE100844182

FSC chain of custody certificate and ENplus A1-class certificate of production of wooden pellets have been accredited to Purutuli LLC:

SBP Supply Base Report

Company information

Purutuli LLC is one of the largest bio-fuel producers in Estonia. Founded in 2003, its principal activities include the production and wholesale of wood pellets and flinders that provide an environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative to solid fuels. Most of the produce is exported to Sweden and Denmark where it is used as fuel in large boiler houses that provide central heating to the end consumers.

The production of the wood pellets was introduced in 2010 in our Sauga production facility with a projected capacity of 120 000 tons per year. The raw material for the pellets comes from 200 000 m³ sawdust and 80 000 m³ firewood which will be aired dried using 70 000 m³ tree bark and flinders.

In 2014 our affiliate company Ardor LLC and associated company Warmeston LLC also started to produce wooden pellets in two new production facilities which were opened in Sõmeru and Järevere. The factory of Ardor LLC in Sõmeru raised the corporation's capacity of prdouction by 35 100 tons in 2014. 

The company is currently employing 28 people and the annual sales figure in 2014 was around 20 million euros. Ardor LLC has 9 employees in addition. Consolidated total sales of corporation was 24,8 million euros,  85% of our products were sold abroad.

Our main goal for the current year of 2015 is to upgrade our Sauga factory to the production capacity of 180 000 tons per year.

Purutuli LLC holds both the creation and preservation of client relationship in high regard. The company is determined to assure consistency in quality, exact observance of delivery schedule and shipment volumes.  Our aim is to produce and deliver to our clients high-quality environmentally friendly products, as well as contribute to the reduction of waste and preservation of the environment.